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Rio Characters are characters that only appear in Angry Birds Rio. Here is a little info about them.

Blu- Blu has the ability to push rocks. He is only seen in Angry Birds Rio. He is first seen in Theme 7-1.

Jewel- Jewel is a Rio character in Angry Birds Rio. She has the power to fly straight. Blu is sometimes holding on to her.

Nigel- Nigel is a bird that is not on the birds' side. He is not an obstacle or anything. Sometimes you will see him if you fail a level. He is only seen in Angry Birds Rio. He is the only enemy bird.

Luiz- Luiz is a dog. He is an enemy but he sometimes helps you. If a ball lands on ground, he will chase it. He is playable and he is only seen in Angry Birds Rio.

Marmosets- None

Caged Birds- None

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